Submitting a Sencha Touch 2 Native App to the App Store

Preparing a Sencha Touch 2 app for submission to the App Store is not as straightforward as it appears:


  1. Go into the iOS Provisioning Portal and create a Distribution Provisioning Profile for your application
  2. Download the distribution provisioning file and rename it to embedded.mobileprovision
  3. Copy the embedded.mobileprovision file into the root of your app’s source code folder
  4. Modify your app’s Sencha SDK JSON configuration file
      • Set the “configuration” property to “Release”
      • Set the “certificateAlias” property to “iPhone Distribution”
      • Save the file
  5. Use the Sencha SDK to build the app. This will generate a .app file
  6. Drag and drop the generated .app file into iTunes
  7. Drag the app from iTunes back out to your file system. This will generate a .ipa file, suitable for uploading to the App Store (No, I am *not* making this up)
  8. Log into iTunes Connect
  9.  Click on Manage your Applications
  10. Click on Add New App
  11. Enter info for your App
  12. Continue through the wizard-driven process until it tells you that it is ready for you to submit your app.
  13. Open XCode
  14. Select XCode > Open Developer Tool > Application Loader
  15. Click Deliver Your App
  16. Select the app that you defined in iTunes Connect
  17. Select the .ipa file for upload
  18. The app will be uploaded to Apple for review.

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