Finishing up Fast Track to Sencha Touch 2.2 Course Updates

I‘m wrapping up delivered  on my latest courseware collaboration with the Sencha training team to update their Fast Track to Sencha Touch 2.2 coursebook. They’ve really done an awesome job with this release. I couldn’t find a single major bug and the performance improvements are quite phenomenal. They also now support the new Windows phones, which is pretty cool.

As with previous releases of the courseware, you’ll learn how to develop a complex, custom-themed production-ready app named “CrimeFinder” that brings information about criminal activity in the DC area to your mobile device. As indicated by the screenshots below, you’ll use a single codebase to easily support multiple device profiles. With over 45 exercises spread over five days, you cannot find more comprehensive instruction on how to develop cross-platform mobile apps!


Sencha has a really skilled network of instructors (including myself) ready to teach a private class to your development team. Contact Fig Leaf or Sencha for more information.

You can also sign up for open-enrollment training courses (offered worldwide) at

I’ll be teaching the next open enrollment class in Washington, DC on June 17. The course is starting to fill, so sign up today! I love showing off the latest and greatest stuff that I’ve been working on for The Fig’s consulting services group as well as counsel students on how to apply concepts taught in class apply to their work-related projects. SO BRING YOUR CODE TO CLASS!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and join the mobile revolution!

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