Ext JS: Generating a Checkbox Group from a Store

Ext JS checkbox groups enable you to group checkboxes into a single logical field. Since these checkboxes are often times dynamically generated from a store, I thought that it might make sense to extend the class with some store binding. Here’s my first, lightly tested attempt:

 Ext.define('Ext.ux.CheckboxStoreGroup', {
    extend: 'Ext.form.CheckboxGroup',
    alias: 'widget.checkboxstoregroup',
    config: {
        store: null,
        labelField: 'label',
        valueField: 'id',
        checkedField: 'checked',
        columns: 3,
        boxFieldName: 'mycheckbox'
    applyStore: function(store) {
        if (Ext.isString(store)) {
            return Ext.getStore(store);
        } else {
            return store;
    updateStore: function(newStore, oldStore) {
        if (oldStore) {
            store.removeEventListener('datachanged', this.onStoreChange, this)
        newStore.on('datachanged', this.onStoreChange, this);
    onStoreChange: function(s) {
        var vField = this.getValueField();
        var lField = this.getLabelField();
        var cField = this.getCheckedField();
        var fName = this.getBoxFieldName();
        var rec = null;
        for (var i=0; i<s.getCount(); i++) {
            rec = s.getAt(i);
                xtype: 'checkbox',
                inputValue: rec.get(vField),
                boxLabel: rec.get(lField),
                checked: rec.get(cField),
                name: fName
    initComponent: function() {
        this.on('afterrender', this.onAfterRender);
    onAfterRender: function() {   
        if (this.getStore().totalCount) {

You can test and play around with the code here:

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