Buy our new book – Sencha Ext JS 5 Bootcamp in a Book!

Sencha Ext JS 5 Bootcamp in a Book teaches you everything that you need to know in order to build a cross-browser, x-device compatible, next-generation web application using nothing but Javascript and good intentions. This book contains over 60 hands-on exercises that cover nearly every aspect of developing enterprise-grade web apps using Sencha’s Ext JS 5 javascript framework.

This book contains over 60 hands-on exercises that cover nearly every aspect of developing enterprise-grade web apps using Sencha’s Ext JS 5 javascript framework. Course files are downloadable from Github and Sencha Fiddle.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introducing the Course
  2. Introducing Ext JS 5
    • Implementing the 3-tier architecture
    • Reviewing features and capabilities
    • Reviewing the Ext JS examples
    • Introducing MVC and MVVM
    • Introducing the Class System
    • Generating App Scaffolding with Sencha Cmd
    • Using the API Docs
    • Debugging and troubleshooting your app
    • Getting Help from the Sencha Network
  3. Defining Views
    • Deep-Diving into the Class System
    • Working with DOM Elements vs. Ext Components
    • Using the Component Hierarchy
    • Instantiating a Viewport
    • Using the Border Layout
    • Defining Panels
    • Defining Toolbars, Buttons, and Menus
    • Handling User Events with ViewControllers
    • Working with Tab Panels
    • Supporting the “back” button with Routes
    • Working with Windows
    • Implementing a Dashboard
  4. Reading Complex Data from an App Server
    • Understanding AJAX and REST
    • Implementing View Models and Data Binding
    • Implementing Roles-Based Security
    • Defining a Data Model
    • Defining a Proxy
    • Reading Multiple Records into a Data Store
    • Using Chained Stores
  5. Visualizing Tabular Data in Grids
    • Defining a Grid
    • Using Grid Widgets
    • Implementing Data Pagination
    • Defining Grouped Grids
    • Enhancing Grouped Grids
    • Editing Data in Grids
  6. Generating Markup from Data
    • Working with XTemplates
    • Looping Through Data
    • Implementing Conditional Processing
    • Executing Inline JavaScript
    • Binding Custom JavaScript Methods to XTemplates
    • Performing Basic Calculations in an XTemplate
    • Binding a Template to a Component
    • Using the DataView
  7. Visualizing Hierarchical Data in Trees
    • Introducing the TreeStore
    • Understanding the NodeInterface Class
    • Implementing a Tree Panel
    • Implementing a Tree Grid
    • Working with Heterogeneous Node Types
    • Using Trees as an Input Mechanism
  8. Visualizing Data in Charts
    • Instantiating a Chart
    • Configuring Chart Axes
    • Configuring Chart Labels
    • Configuring Chart Legends
    • Using Chart Interactions
    • Working with Bar Charts
    • Working with Line Charts
    • Working with Gauges
  9. Maintaining State
    • Configuring the State Provider
    • Saving the State of Components
    • Adding State Management to Non-Stateful Components
  10. Creating Data Entry Forms
    • Creating Data Entry Forms
    • Defining a Form
    • Configuring Form Fields
    • Using the Combo Box Field
    • Sizing Fields with the Anchor Layout
    • Sizing Fields with the Form Layout
    • Assigning Default Configuration Values
    • Grouping Fields
    • Validating Input Data
    • Formatting the Data Validation Error Messages
    • Submitting Data to the Server for Processing
    • Binding Grids to Forms
  11. Theming your App
  12. Going into Production
    • Documenting your App with JSDuck
    • Unit Testing with Jasmine and Siesta
    • Generating Testing and Production Builds
  13. Appendix A: Configuring your Development Environment
  14. Appendix B: Congressional Earmarks Lab
  15. Appendix C: Proposal Manager Lab

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11 thoughts on “Buy our new book – Sencha Ext JS 5 Bootcamp in a Book!

    1. sdrucker Post author

      Unfortunately, the conversion from PDF to Kindle didn’t really work. I am still investigating other
      conversion methods, but for now the book will only be available in print.

  1. Titus

    Is this book appropriate for newbie? I’m new in Ext JS 5.
    What backend do u use for app that u build? Thankyou

  2. CS (@cschmitz81)

    Does this book explain the “whys” while it explains the “hows” of building with Extjs5?

    I’ve been consuming the official documentation/example files/api and they’re all very informative in showing all of the different ways you could build various pieces of an app, but a lot of times they don’t really explain why or when you would do it one way vs the other.

    My hope is that this book explains the reasoning behind some of the build decisions you can make.

    1. sdrucker Post author

      This is the same source text as what we use for our instructor-led training course.

      I suggest that you use the “Look Inside” feature on to see if exposition is detailed enough to meet your needs. For example, pages 7-9 discuss in detail why you want to use a 3-tiered architectural approach. And, of course, you can always email me if you run into a problem with the book or need a clearer explanation.


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