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Integrating Ext JS 6, Sencha Architect 4, and TinyMCE

Note: This is a follow-up to my post from 2014

I’ve re-packaged and enhanced the plugin as a Sencha Architect Extension (.aux) file.

New features include:

  • Ext JS 5.x/6.x compatibility
  • Sencha Architect 4.x compatibility
  • The TinyMCE editor now appears directly within the design canvas of Sencha Architect
  • Added support for new TinyMCE4 features (including the Premium Spell Checker plugin)
  • Added support to use smaller buttons in the TinyMCE editor.


By default, the editor will pull from the TinyMCE Cloud. See the usage notes in the file for install instructions.

You can download the extension from my repo here:


Greetings from SenchaCon 2013 – Day 1 Keynote


Here’s what you’re missing:

  • People from every continent except Antartica in 36 different countries
  • 30%+ increase in attendance from last year
  • 70+ Session Hours (40% increase from prior SenchaCon)
  • 27 Guest Speakers, 10 Sponsors
  • 4 Precon bootcamps, 20+ hours
  • Unconference, 2 hours X 25 slots
  • SenchaCon Party @ Universal Islands of Adventure
  • Friday Hackathon, $2500 top prize (sadly I need to get back home and will not be participating)

Part 1: “Developers are the new Kingmakers” (speaker from RedMonk)

JavaScript, based on their research, is what most developers are using. For example, JavaScript commits to GitHub has just eclipsed Java and there are now more monthly JavaScript projects than Java. And if past is prologue, then native mobile apps will eventually transition over to web. The track record of betting against the web is not strong. Don’t bet against the web.

Part 2: Sencha CEO Michael (‘da Man) Mullaney

  • All devices are turning into application platforms
  • By 2017, one out of three people on the planet will purchase a computing device
  • 90% of employees pay for their smartphone. 92% use it for work every week. 62% use it for work every day.
  • HTML5 is the highest common demoninator
  • # of HTM5 features has DOUBLED over the past 2 years
    • WebGL
    • Blending & Compositing
    • Regions and Exclusions
    • SVG2 with Mesh Gradients
    • CSS4: Backgrounds & Borders
    • Ecmascript 6
    • Microdata
    • Web Animations
    • Page Visibility
    • Custom Filters
  • Enabling Customer Success
    • Virtual Training
    • Developer Certification (includes proctoring, live coding)
    • Support Enhancements
    • Amsterdam & Maryland Offices
    • Services Partnerships slide included the Fig Leaf Software logo – NICE!
  • Guest Speaker from Roche/Genentech discussing their mobile initiatives – iPad is now the primary platform for their employee base. Standardized on Sencha. Customizing Sencha Command.
  • Partnerships:
  • partnership: Announcing Salesforce Mobile Pack for Sencha Touch. Available on, makes it easier to build apps.
  • Tizen OS: 4M App contest launched (time to recompile Sencha’s Raiders!)
  • Windows Azure: Sencha Touch Extensions for Windows Azure Mobile. Sencha Touch + Windows Azure mobile services (push, storage, etc)

Part 3: Blackberry 10

  • Industry leading HTML5 compliance and performance
  • Over 120K apps in Blackberry World
  • Over 50K apps added since BB10 launch

Part 4: What’s coming in Sencha Architect (Aaron “The Architect” Conran)

  • Demoing Architect 3!
  • Lots of effort put in to make app building even easier for novices
  • 20 Application Templates for Ext JS and Sencha Touch!
  • Added support for styling your app – UI for changing SASS variables directly. SASS compilation occurs immediately after saving SASS property with the design view auto-refreshing. Designers can now tweak themes visually by using Architect.
  • Developers can now create & add user extensions to Architect (hooray!)
  • Availability: Shipping preview TODAY from SenchaCon 2013 resources today!

Part 5: Sencha Frameworks

  • Guest speaker: VP of app development for Smile Brands (Ext JS and Sencha Touch-based interactive dental chart for desktop and mobile)
  • IE 8 has 10% of the HTML5 features as the BB10 mobile browser
  • IE 10 runs 20X faster than IE 8 (SunSpider performance)

Part 6: What’s coming in Ext JS 4  (Don “The Ext JS God” Griffin)

  • Goals: Business & Data Rish Apps, Scalable Maintainable Code, Backward Compatibilty
  • GRID GADGETS – easily insert components into grid cells (sparkline chart embedded in grid column cells)
  • Code for gadgets is similar to components, but leaner
  • Demo of localization to Hebrew (including RTL support)
  • Adding Touch support to Ext JS with Touch-optimized theme! Includes momentum scrolling!
  • Ext JS and Touch now pull from common core!

Part 7: What’s coming in Sencha Touch (Jamie “Awesomeness” Alvins)

  • Discusses changes to the MVC framework that will affect Touch and Ext JS
  • DECLARATIVE, XML-BASED VIEWS that compile into JS code (looks a little like Appcelerator’s Alloy framework)
  • Touch 2.3 Beta coming out today w/2 new themes, enhanced support for BB, tizen support, direct support for Cordova
  • Awesome new Touch GRID control, beta shipping TODAY!


  • Rep from Morgan Stanley discussing how they’ve used Sencha technologies over the last several years


Sencha Space is a mobile app, from where secure “plugin” apps can be launched and an enterprise admin console.

  • Optimizing HTML5 for business
  • Web Intents
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Network Cache
  • Secure Identity
  • Per App VPNs
  • Encrypted apps
  • Jacky Nguyen (demoing)
  • New, innovative set of APIs
  • Invoke API – to launch apps and transfer data between apps (even in the background)
  • Contacts app communicates with Chat app and Task in VERY cool, deep ways. Nice, seamless, multi-app communication
  • Admin console to restrict access to apps (kinda reminds me a little of TestFlight)
  • Check it out at
  • Developer preview released today!